Nan Kolè is label boss for Gqom Oh!, beacon for the unique South African gqom sound. The Rome-born, London-based artist has been a transmitter of the Durban, South African sound back to Europe – even taking on a new artist moniker (atop his birth name, Francesco Cucchi). But in place of cultural appropriation, this is Internet age partnership – Cucchi working together with Lerato Phiri, connecting a DIY South African scene to Europe and forming new hybridization and transformation in the process, and adding his own unique production twist to the style’s signature vocal samples and rhythmic motivation, along with other pan-African sources.

From Czech, DVDJ NNS is a pillar of the multimedia scene, co-founder of LOLLAB and producing digital hyperreality with surreal concoctions of slime and object, opaque luminosities and lushly-colored, fragmented textures. The artist, also known as Katerina Blahutova, draws on fields from architecture to theater, from designing products to graphics, DJing to art, in a language tested in clubs but rooted in a broad range of disciplines.