This year’s Editions of Light vol. III. is focused on perception. Chosen artworks are experiments of visual stimulation and suggest how (un)conscious we are of our sensory limits.

The exhibition is based on the premise that perception is a cognitive process of sensory interpretation that allows us to understand the environment and it’s main function is to help us organize and make meaning of the chaotic pieces and patterns that form the world around us. Perception then, may be seen, not as a passive act; but formed by learning, memory, and the outcome of the focus of our attention. Selected artworks related to the topic are from; Jan Kulka, Gene Kogan, Pete Kirn & Gabriela Prochazka, Jakub Pesek and Zuzana Badinkova.

Part of the exhibition is a showcase of record label Stroboscopic Artefacts made by visual art collective Oblivious Artefacts, celebrating their seven-years collaboration anniversary. OA made by Ignazio Mortellaro, brother to the SA label head Lucy. Their vinyl covers are investigating the perception of images, evoking moods that range from the surreal to the objective. Over the years, OA have developed and sustained their visual identity, whilst inviting SA artists to design sound for a number of their installations. This synergy revealed itself as a cross-pollinating process that preserved the vision of the label to progress not only in the musical genre but equally in the art world.

Bubenská 14
170 00 Praha 7

How to get there:
tram nr. 1, 5, 26 – Strossmayerovo náměstí station
tram nr. 1, 12, 17, 24 – Veletržní palác station/metro C – Vltavská station

Vernisage: Monday October 9
Exhibition opened: October 9–22
Opening hours: Tue–Sun 18–22h

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