Lumiwall Gallery – permanent video gallery at Stalin curated by Lunchmeat Festival 2017, powered by LumiTRIX. For two months we presented works of carefully selected artists at our favorite open-air hangout.

week #1
7. – 12. 7. 2017

Zoey Vero (US/DE) – Hydrah – Ominous

Zoey Vero is a visual artist and motion graphics designer from San Francisco, now based out of Berlin. She continues her creative practice there with Vjing, projection mapping, motion design, and music videos. This video was made as a music video for Los Angeles based musician and producer, Hydrah , for her dark, contrasting, and beautiful track entitled, Ominous.

Alexandr Martsynyuk (UA/CZ) – NBA 2k17

Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Marstsynyuk based in Prague. As a student of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague has gone through several studios as an intern, Currently attending Anna Daučíková`s atelier. His previous work was referring to problems in post-communist countries through short narrative digital animations intervening to real space. This latest work called NBA 2K17 is about the imaginative masculine basketball player who is experiencing intern anxious conversation through two iPhone7 commercials.

week #2
14. – 19. 7. 2017

Helgi Einarsson (IS) – Frequency

From the age of ten, Helgi started doing graffiti. From there, his interest in illustration and typography began. After primary school, he studied Fine Arts in college, while working as a pizza baker. After college, he got accepted to the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and graduated from there in 2017. Now he is working as a freelance graphic designer, focusing on CGI motion design, illustration, typography, and branding.

DVDJ NNS (CZ) – Stalin Eruption

DVDJ NNS is a co-founder of post-aesthetic multimedia platform LOLLAB and a vital cog in the clockwork of Prague’s KSK party crew and Lunchmeat collaborator. In the contours of projection, broadcast or design, she transmits her multiform vision in the audiovisual form of translucent objects, mapped textures and digital slime.
Stalin eruption is a site-specific mapping revealing a possible appearance of a demolition of former Stalin’s monument in 1962, which has been hidden from eyes of the public.

week #3
21. – 26. 7. 2017


H5io, the student from Czech Republic best known for his clean spatial-heavy visuals generally associated with progressive club music producers and labels (the most important of which for his work are Shift Tides and AMEN).

Ultrabianka / Bianka Oravecz (HU/AT)

A self-generating digital artist with the aim to create a unique visual language via the usage of science, art, and technology.

week #4
29. 7. – 5. 8. 2017

Gisela Nunes (PT) – Panopticon

Gisela Nunes is a media artist from Portugal with a background in design and multimedia art studies, now focused on interactive new media art. Her practice explores the object, the device and audience participation to present interactive live experiences. While project themes may be various, real-time processing augmented reality and synthesized sound and images make up the backdrop to her work. In recent years she exhibited at venues as Art & Science 2016 European Digital Art and Science Network (Serbia), Ars Electronica Festival 2015 (Austria), Yicca 2014 Winners Exhibition (Switzerland) and 2012 Guimarães European Capital of Culture (Portugal).

Sam Rolfes (US) – Squarepusher, Damogen Furies Release

Sam Rolfes is a Chicago and New York-based mixed-format digital artist and director. Using the human body as a mark-making device and underlying structure, he crafts diffusive psychosexual worlds that sublimate space and identity within a live context.
Rolfes has been active across several formats and industries through live-performance VR, video, and still image projects for artists including Amnesia Scanner, Dawn Richard, Kingdom, Danny Brown, Danny L Harle, and Caroline Polachek; fashion print and promotional design for Nicola Formichetti’s Nicopanda line, a music game for Adult Swim, fashion editorials for King Kong Magazine, & live visuals for Lafawndah, Squarepusher, and a few clips for Rihanna’s VMA 2016 performance, among others.

week #5
5. 8. – 12. 8. 2017

Jan Šrámek (CZ) – Between the World and Me

Visual artist, illustrator, and pedagogy. Graduated at FAVU Brno, where he leads a video studio together with Martin Mazanec. Together with Pavel Ryška he is a co-founder of a web platform, focused on research of 50 s Czechoslovakian visual identity. His work experiments with the animated movie, vector graphics, illustration and relationship between static and moving image. His close collaborators are visual artist Veronika Vlková and animator Martin Búřil. Latest publications: Zvláštní okolnosti (Praha, 2016), Pionýři a Roboti (Praha 2016), Letenský Glosář (Praha 2016), Postavit domy nestačí (Brno 2015), Ztracená Perspektiva (Brno 2013). His work has been presented in galleries and festivals in London, New York, Amsterdam, Soul, Beijing and in the Czech Republic. In 2014, he has contributed to Czechoslovakian pavilion at Venice Biennale of Architecture.

BADJUJU (PL/DE) & (Hz)MOB (MX/DE) – Mutantshrine

BADJUJU – Graphic designer, ugly drawings maker, punk digital artist. Born polish, raised alien, Berlin-based.

(Hz)MOB – Visual-sound artist. Berlin Based. ::Hacking Reality:: Since 1987

week #6
18. 8. – 26. 8. 2017

Linda Retterová (CZ)

Her projections are primarily based on analog media directly transmitted into digital form and are inspired by the structures and details raised from multiple zooming. For the Lumiwall project, she experimented with textiles.

Cycles (CZ)

Cycles are Adéla Kudlová, an audiovisual artist with a basic motive on the natural world and digital media, the virtual and our surroundings, and Tereza Bartůňková, a stage design artist, who spotlights between switching the feverish world of theatre and the more introverted eld of illustration with a focus on her own auteur productions and emphasis on the audiovisual part.
After their first collaboration which was commissioned by Lunchmeat Festival for last 2017 edition, Adéla and Tereza have continued their collaborative work as Cycles.

week #7
1. 9. – 8. 9. 2017

core.pan (FR)

core.pan is an artistic research program developed by Sybil Montet de Doria & Simon Kounovsky initiated in may 2016. The duo’s work is based on an extensive reflexion around symbiotic engineering and global mutations, using augmented materiality and film as a way to approach the relationships between metaphysical cosmology, high-end technology, and biomimetic evolutionary process.


Lukáš Dřevjaný, alias oxoo, who is a member of the LUNCHMEAT STUDIO, is a generative video system creator and video live performer. His abstract visuals often evolve from a simple source (e.g. white screen, gradient or noise) which is then heavily re-shaped into a complicated audio-reactive structure. Results of his work are often projected onto unusual projection surfaces or sculptures. He draws inspiration from glitch aesthetics, software possibilities, virtual reality, simple physics or gesamtkunstwerk.

week #8
11. 9. – 18. 9. 2017


Eli Eliasek is a Lunchmeat crew member. He is a Prague-based graphic designer and animator working with the wide spectrum of tools and media.

Lambert Duchesne (FR)

Lambert Duchesne is french videomaker living in Paris, child of the Tumblr sphere, Lambert’s videos have been exhibited in New York and in Los Angeles. He works a lot with Panteros666. His universe romantic and colorful is a meeting of organic 3D and of photography. He will present characters sharing thoughts and stories of joy and sorrow around love, creating bridges between self-love and romantic love.

week #9
20.9. – 1.10.2017

Jan Hladil (CZ)

After graduating at the SuperMedia studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Jan Hladil has been intensively working so as to master the entire process of creating all forms of video art, participating in the production of the Super Smart Selection audio-visual events at the NoD Experimental Space at the Roxy Club, the Cross and MeetFactory in Prague. For several years, he collaborated as a VJ, creating video installations and content for Lunchmeat and Neone. Currently, works at Laterna magika company at the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague, and Signal Festival. His art has been displayed at the DOX Contemporary Art Centre, the Gallery of the City of Prague, the Chemistry Gallery, and the Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery.

New Magic Media (CZ) & Reality Congress (CZ) 

New Magic Media an alias of an visual artist, DJ and music journalist Adela Sobotkova. She studied art in intermedia studio and she works with digital time-based media but still is interested in principles of drawing, layering and contingency. She works frequently with found footage and combines the animation with still or slow imagery, both 2D and 3D. Reality Congress is a VJ moniker of fresh photography bachelor Šimon Levitner. Member and co-founder of former Chucpe Tribe which now formed into BCAA system – live streaming radio station. BCAA system is a AV studio that makes (not only) DJ live streams, talks, runs an online streaming gallery, records podcasts and all of this with bold visuals, on which he parcitipate A LOT.