Bok Bok aka Alex Sushon is a London based DJ, producer and director of the incendiary Night Slugs record label. DJing since 2004, Sushon started to make his name on London’s underground scene around the time Grime music was first emerging from the capitol’s tower blocks. The unique inventiveness and raw energy of that music has remained with Sushon ever since those early days, as he discovered the wider world of club music, seeing many parallels between the homegrown music of London and House music from Chicago to South Africa, Techno, Baltimore/Jersey/Philly Club, 80s funk and a myriad other music styles across many eras Bok Bok closely cooperates with the US label Fade to Mind and produced records for Kelela, among many others.

Launched in 2010, Night Slugs immediately established on the leading edge of club music informed not just by the traditions of Chicago house and Detroit techno but also Southern hip-hop and UK grime and beyond. The label’s sound may be diverse but it’s feel is distinctive. Night Slugs has become a truly cult label, with a reputation for quality and innovation rivalled by few others and with a globally spread fan base. The label’s founders Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 will be joined by Girl Unit and visualist Nic Hamilton for their 10th Anniversary Showcase at Lunchmeat Festival 2018.

Nic Hamilton is a visual artist, collaborating with record labels and a wide range of electronic music producers (e.g. Actress, Hudson Hohawke, Bauer, Bok Bok, Future Brown to name a few), creating evocative pieces of visual and aural synchronicity. His hyper-glossy and immersive futurist worlds capture experiences of natural and constructed environments fusing CG, film, music and spatial design with unparalleled execution. His progressive 3D and animation skills and non-narrative optical overloads will accompany the Night Slugs 10th Anniversary Showcase in a multi-hour stage takeover.