Grebenstein is a producer, DJ and visual artist living in Kassel, Germany. After playing in several bands as a drummer and guitarist, he made his solo-debut with a 4-track EP Grebenstein on Downwards Records in November 2014. The follow-up to the debut was Strong Proud Stupid and Superior on Downwards, the mini LP featuring ‘highly stylish, unrepentant brace of drum ‘n synth noise pressure.’ In 2017, Grebenstein released Gloss EP on Samurai Horo. “…throw the listeners into a trance, leading them to a limbo, where it is impossible not to think about one’s anxieties. An actual esoteric ritual, whose main aim is to purify one’s soul, pushing the fear away; the listeners make peace with their inner selves: the scariest ones, one always tries to suffocate…” – Futurismi