Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc present “SYNSPECIES” AV Live

SYNSPECIES is an audiovisual project created by Spanish, U.K. based sonic artist, researcher, and multidisciplinary practitioner Elías Merino and Tadej Droljc, a Slovenian interdisciplinary artist and creative coder who works in the field of electronic music, computer-generated audiovisual composition and other forms of intermedia art. SYNSPECIES are multi-scaled audiovisual objects that are cross pollinating, mutating, adopting and fighting for their space and existence. They co-create a world of unreal physicality that is constantly kneaded by violent forces. Their existence appears to us as fractured narratives in the perceptual phenomena that resemble a chain of synchronised chaos. SYNSPECIES feed on tangles made by computer-based code and analogue signals. They originate from algorithmic computer-generated sound, Stockholm’s EMS Buchla and Serge modular systems, and 3D geometry synthesis.