Lakker present “Epoca” AV Live

Lakker is the long standing electronic duo of Eomac and Arad. Both originating from Ireland, they paint intricate sonic tapestries ranging from haunting Arctic soundscapes to bass driven warehouse weight. Their music has been featured by Aphex Twin in his exploratory DJ sets. They have released with iconic labels such as Blueprint and Stroboscopic Artefacts before finding a home on the classic Belgian label R&S, for the critically acclaimed ‘Tundra’ and ‘Struggle & Emerge’ albums. Their stunning album Época is a bracing return to form, combining caustic electronics with fresh inspiration from the prepared piano of John Cage, plaintive folk melodies, the explorative label Sublime Frequencies and the raw rhythms of Kampala’s Nyege Nyege Tapes. Lakker will present the diverse and intense soundscape of Época in a live AV show that cofirms they are at the peak of their artistic powers.