Ryoichi Kurokawa presents “subassemblies” AV Live

Ryoichi Kurokawa is a Japanese artist, born in 1978, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Kurokawa’s works take on multiple forms such as installation works, recordings, and concert pieces. He composes the time sculpture with the field recordings and the digital generated structures, and reconstructs architecturally the audiovisual phenomenon. In recent years, his works are shown across the world at international festivals and museums including TATE Modern, Centre Pompidou, Venice Biennale, Palais de Tokyo, ARS Electronica, Mutek, to name just a few. “subassemblies” is an audiovisual concert which pursues the relationship between nature and human-made through a perspective of architectural scale. Main sources of this piece are 3d data captured by laser scanning, and filmed footages at human-made architecture, ruins and nature, and those are distorted and reconstructed into each modules as subassemblies to create renewed timeline with layers of order and disorder while exposing force of both nature and art.