The Nent presents “Neither” AV Live

The Nent is Vince Gagliardi, a 3D artist and musician and a founding member of Berlin collective Modern Bön. The Nent’s gradient dream-like aesthetic is rooted in a passion for broken ambient textures and eerie field recordings which he has gathered over the past fifteen years with the drive of documenting emotional stages of life. The mix of dark ritual rhythm and surreal visual imagery challenge abstract connections that may occur in the perceiver’s mind at the flash of the seen and the heard. Lunchmeat Festival will see the world premiere of his new AV live-set “Neither”, a sinuous interplay between new brighter atmospheres, where surreal Icelandic landscapes are dancing slowly on echoed piano notes, and the memories of his past, still lurking in the dark, beating their black drums from the distance.

World Premiere.