Lunchmeat Festival Program

Mon, September 30th – Planetarium

At the most immersive stage in Prague, Lunchmeat Festival and FACT Magazine are inviting you to celebrate the opening of Lunchmeat Festival 2019 with a very different kind of mind-game. From generative images of cerebral activity and neural connections, Dasha Rush & Alex Guevara create a dance on the threshold of simulation and stimulation, since the images from the inside of our nervous system also change the perception of the physical space.

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19.30 Dasha Rush presents “Aurora Cerebralis 360°” AV Live — Sold Out
20.30 Dasha Rush presents “Aurora Cerebralis 360°” AV Live — Sold Out


Tue, October 1st – CAMP

An ecosystem is a complex network in which organisms and their physical environment coexist. In the heart of a brutalist cube built in the 1960s, through sound and visuals projected on a screen 25m wide, we will experience two ecosystems that are both unreal and entirely absorbing.

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20.30 Escher Fucker present “Citrinitas” AV Live
21.30 Elías Merino & Tadej Droljc present “SYNSPECIES” AV Live


Wed, October 2nd – Ankali

Lunchmeat Festival and Ankali join forces to present Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound, a label which showcases the dynamic influences within contemporary Georgian music scene. Don’t expect dance-oriented acts this time. We are inviting you to a night of ambient techno and concentrated listening. Ankali shows its other face, known from the #Shoes_off nights.

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20.30 Irakli Hybrid Set — Sold Out
21.30 Rezo Glonti Live — Sold Out


Thu, October 3rd – National Gallery – Cashless Venue!

17.00 INPUT Symposium: Dirty Electronics w/ John Richards & Max Wainwright (EN)
19.15 INPUT Symposium: Deliciously Confrontational w/ LSDXOXO (EN)
Concert Stage
19.30 Door Open
20.00 The Sound is Innocent (film screening)
22.30 FLORA Live
00.30 Lotic & Emmanuel Biard present “Endless Power” AV Live
02.00 Sote & Boris Vitázek AV Live
Club Stage
19.30 Door Open
21.30 Katarzia presents “Antigona” AV Live
23.30 Hydropsyche & Petra Hermanová AV Live
00.30 Silhouette aka Vision of 1994


Fri, October 4rd – National Gallery – Cashless Venue!

17.00 INPUT Symposium: The Sound Is Innocent (panel discussion in EN)
18.30 INPUT Symposium: nUFO w/ Alberto de Campo & Hannes Hoelzl (instrument demonstration)
19.00 INPUT Symposium: Audio-Visual w/ Petra Hermanova & Boris Vitázek (artist talk in CZ/SK)
19:45 INPUT Symposium: The Weird And The Wonderful (artist talk in EN)
Concert Stage
19.30 Door Open
21.00 The Nent presents “Neither” AV Live
21.30 Caterina Barbieri presents “Time-blind” AV Live
22.30 Ryoichi Kurokawa presents “subassemblies” AV Live
00.30 Konx-om-Pax presents “Ways of Seeing” AV Live
02.00 Nastika & The Nent present “Endless” AV Live
03.00 Varg Live
04.00 No Idols
Club Stage
19.00 Door Open
20.00 Skrei presents “Dreamcold” AV Live
23.30 Fakethias & Felix Schéele AV Live
00.30 Isama Zing AV Live
01.30 HDMIRROR presents “ASCENSION™” AV Live
02.00 Pretty Weird Overtake w/ TSVI
03.30 Pretty Weird Overtake w/ Barely Legal
05.00 Pretty Weird Overtake w/ Jensen Interceptor

Sat, October 5th – National Gallery – Cashless Venue!

10.00 INPUT #11 Workshop w/ Dirty electronics & Max Wainwright
16.00 INPUT Symposium: Radical Chip Performance
16.30 INPUT Symposium: Pursuit-Collaborate-Support (discussion forum in CZ)
17.30 INPUT Symposium: Funding and Politics (CZ)
18.00 INPUT Symposium: Art Advocacy w/ Nava Association (EN)
18.30 INPUT Symposium: Art Education w/ Prague College (EN)
19.00 INPUT Symposium: Antigona and the Skinned Landscape w/ Avsluta & Katarzia (artist talk in CZ)
19.45 INPUT Symposium: Audio-Visual w/ Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (artist talk in EN)
Concert Stage
19.30 Door Open
21.30 Murcof & Sergi Palau AV Live
22.30 Jesse Osborne-Lanthier presents “Sometimes, Falling Through the Net” AV Live
23.30 Aid Kid & Pavel Karafiát AV Live
00.30 Lakker present “Epoca” AV Live
02.00 Octave One Live
Club Stage
19.30 Door Open
20.00 Avsluta & Martin Pokorny AV Live
22.30 Synaptik
00.30 Name Does Not Matter Live
01.30 Valoa
03.30 Sebastian Mullaert & Ulf Eriksson Live