Artist_: presents Black Sunday
( AV live )

About_: is an audiovisual performance project of media artists Kristina Karpysheva and Alexander Letsius. They have become very present at the post-digital art scene in recent years and had shows at such venues and festivals as Times Square, MUTEK Montreal, MUTEK Mexico, Japan Media Arts Festival, Genius Loci, Electric Castle, Weimar Festival, and other international digital art festivals. “” stems from the well-known code for a computer system error when the requested resource cannot be found. This reflects in their aesthetic.

For their projects write music generated by modular synthesizers, creating some unprecedented musical language based on the laconic fractal self-similarity and inspired by silence. At Lunchmeat they are presenting their audiovisual album Black Sunday, the result of their stay in the famous Greenhouse Studio in Reykjavik. The piece explores the Icelandic countryside and sees experimenting with both a modular system and a Buchla synthesizer for a dark ambient composition accompanied by equally dark, grainy visuals. The recording was released on Bedroom Community.

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