Dadub + FAX present Hypersynchronous
( AV live )

These artists were announced but they are not able to join us this year for obvious reason.

True sonic wizards of bass music – Dadub is the duo of Daniele Antezza (Inner8) and Marco Donnarumma, which has been in the forefront of the dub techno movement since 2009. They met in Berlin and co-founded the Artefacts Mastering Studio, where they master all recordings for the legendary Stroboscopic Artefacts label.

Dadub´s album You Are Eternity was released there in 2013 mixing dark dub techno with ambient atmospheres. They have also released music on a handful of experimental internet labels over the years, both as Dadub and as solo artists.

Andrea FAX Familiari is a visual artist investigating mostly the perception of audio, the way to represent it and to describe its feeling with geometrical structures. His projects encompass performance, interactive installation, photography and geometry.

At Lunchmeat he will present a world premiere of Hypersynchronous, an audiovisual live improvisation inspired by bass culture and the (currently more-than-real) post-apocalyptic scenarios. Monstrous low frequencies, sci-fi atmospheres, primordial pulsating beats and the visual magistery by FAX will synchronously activate neurons, bodies and guts for a collective experience in Dub.

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