DJ Stingray

Due to the current pandemic situation Helena Hauff canceled her gig at Lunchmeat Festival 2020, however we managed to get a very worthy replacement. None other than the legendary electro and Detroit techno visionary DJ Stingray.

DJ Stingray or Sherard Ingram, is the founder of Urban Tribe and associate of mythical Detroit electro duo Drexciya. As both a DJ and producer, Ingram specializes in futuristic electro, preferring fast tempos and inventive beat patterns to more accessible, club-friendly rhythms. He connects electronic music’s history, present, and future and propagates a seer-like, totalising concept of what it is to be engaged in thinking ahead by making people move.

Taught how to DJ by Kenny Dixon, Jr. (Moodymann) in the mid-80s, he gradually developed and perfected his dense, high-speed mixing style. Slipping bits of techno tracks in with Miami booty bass and West Coast electro and hip-hop. His Urban Tribe project first appeared on the genre-defining 1991 compilation ‘Equinox’ and has released cult classic albums on labels such as Rephlex and Mo Wax. In the late 80’s while working in the record shop Buy Rite music Ingram met the late James Stinson of Drexciya and eventually became friends. Shortly thereafter Stinson asked Ingram to be the opening DJ for Drexciya’s tour. He also collaborated with the other half of Drexciya, Gerald Donald, under the name NRSB-11.

With his recent releases coming from an enviable smattering of crucial labels both genre-centric and experimental, Ingram is overhauling the very premise of the Detroit legacy he had a hand in writing, and on which others comfortably sit. Ingram’s justified attempts at exiting the gravitational pull of genre tropes anticipate a dynamic edge of what we know is an ever-shifting centre.

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