Ethno Service & Luboš Zbranek
( AV live )

If you like techno tinted with a dubby atmosphere then look no further. Tracks by Ethno Service are filled with thrill, suspense and trippy haze, which create an amazing cinematic ambience. Despite their name, ES is not an ethno music cliché. It is proper heavyweight percussive dub from the jungle – where Mowgli would piss his pants and run away screaming – places with decent opium and streets with no name.

For the very first time Ethno Service will be accompanied by their own distinctive visuals, which develops their language even further. At the beginning there was the Dusk. The Dusk was a Haze. The Haze was a Sound. That was the beginning. Moments of strobe light, dripping from the ceiling. Over time, the first clusters of Latin information wrapped in Sanskrit robes began to form from Arabic numerals. With six-sided pressure, it first liquefied and later solidified. The primitive Artifact. There was a delicate movement on the temple floor. The small fossil card slowly slides toward the altar. Pure energy flows through the sonically engraved lettering. Ethno Service, at your service.

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