Exhausted Modern
( live )

Exhausted Modern is a project established by Czech musician Ladislav Zensor whose approach to sound creates metaphorical expression of fatigue which comes from living in a world where technology takes over. In his compositions accent is put on analogue sound with a slightly raw character. The percussive passages are interluded with melodic elements which altogether create very atypical, personal and often dystopic sound.

Work of Exhausted Modern is regularly released on well-established labels as Brokntoys, Veyl or Rotterdam Electronix. He also releases his music thru label Endless Illusion which he founded back in 2011. Together they as well create series of mixes for radio stations including Integalactic.FM. He always tries to bring unconventional glimpse into electronic music combining old forgotten tapes with the current avant-garde sound.

Lunchmeat 2020 is presenting Exhausted Modern in unique collaboration with an acclaimed visual artist Geso. His works are usually a combination of glitches, light diffraction, geometric graphics, urban explorations and images inspired by landscapes and nature. Geso worked with Berlin Atonal Festival or Killekill / Krake Festival and his collaboration with Exhausted Modern will appear at Lunchmeat Prague in the world premiere. 

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