Glory Affairs

Glory Affairs is a collective created by siblings Xynnh and Mor Wen. They aim to co-create sincere connections between people by combining body-mind interactive performance, physical theatre, sculpture and audiovisual art. They thrive to reshape a stale structure of ordinary clubbing by rethinking the setting of a temporary environment, crossing and intertwining media to blur imaginary boundaries and make one feel at home among both friends and strangers.

Mor Wen’s work could be characterized by stitching unconventional rhythms of different genres, exploring the melancholic and nostalgic state of “saudade” with sounds from the past and future, combining sound with body and mind exploration. At Lunchmeat Xynnh is going to present a new live set, a story about one’s transformational path from trauma to spiritual healing – from disconnection to connection. His production entwines slow deep rhythms, modulated field recordings, and transmogrified vocals.

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