Helena Hauff

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Welcome the queen of dark techno herself. For nearly a decade Helena Hauff has been the part of the club scene. She worked as a DJ at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club where she hosted a night called Birds and Other Instruments. In 2013 she debuted with Actio Reactio EP. Her full-length debut Discreet Desires came out through Werkdiscs two years later to great acclaim from the music press.

As a top-notch producer, Helen Hauff creates techno and electro stripped into its basic elements. She often uses analog tools and returns today´s club music into the raw times of acid house of the late 80s and early 90s. She also uses elements of EBM or industrial. Her second album Qualm was released via Ninja Tune in 2018 and the track Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg was named as one of the best electronic tracks of that year by Pitchfork.

Her famed DJ/live sets follow similar guidelines of rawness and purity, acid electro mixed with destructive metal beats. In 2017 her mix for BBC Radio 1 was chosen as the best mix of this program, which Hauff managed as the first female DJ in history. She has played her music around the whole world and runs her own label called Return to Disorder.

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