Know V.A. & Omar El-Sadek
( AV live )

Hardcore will never die! The Amsterdam-based duo Know V.A. uniquely blends ecstatic elements from hard dance music with rich, textural sound-design. Driven by the search for the new, the two producers strip down hard dance music until only the core principles remain. With the sheen of brute violence removed, a softer and more intricate existence appears.

They made their breakthrough with last year´s Strange Days EP, arresting pieces of experimental electronica. They also run the club night Strange Days in Amsterdam which has played an important role in the renaissance of Dutch hardcore music.

For this year’s Lunchmeat, Know V.A. team up with Omar El-Sadek, an audiovisual and inter-disciplinary artist specialising in electronic sound production and animated visuals. He’s currently studying Fine Art & Experimental Media. In both his music and video, he experiments with the fragile nature of his surroundings and invests in the poetic beauty of imperfections. He has worked with experimental sound artist MSYLMA, and recorded various soundtracks for independent short films and commercials.

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