Maenad Veyl & Geso
( AV live )

Thomas Feriero aka Maenad Veyl loves his music hard and deep. This music producer and audio engineer is known for his cold and unsettling techno productions under names Avatism, The Sarcasm Ensemble or as half of CW/A. Under his new moniker Maenad Veyl his music rings even more sinister and dark.

Broken 808s, AI-generated polyrhythms and indecipherable vocals – Maenad Veyl´s music is an exercise of technology driven future despair. This year´s album Reassessment is a collection of 13 tracks inspired by inner turmoil and change that reflects the general mood of contemporary culture.

Lunchmeat 2020 is presenting Maenad Veyl in unique collaboration with an acclaimed visual artist Geso. His works are usually a combination of glitches, light diffraction, geometric graphics, urban explorations and images inspired by landscapes and nature. Geso worked with Berlin Atonal Festival or Killekill / Krake Festival and his collaboration with Maenad Veyl will appear at Lunchmeat Prague in the world premiere. 

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