Nina Pixel w/ Adrián Kriška presents Ancestral Archeology
( AV live )
( World premiere )

Uncompromising ritual rhythms looped in endless sonic soundscapes and dirty dark techno. Nina Pixel (known also as Black Acid or Palm Reader) presents her pre-apocalyptic fairy tales, emotional topography of personal landscapes, mixed with the archaeology of the human soul. Her performance stands somewhere between live act and djing, sampling, looping, and feeling. Narcotic journey into the noisy rites and industrial myths of our dark corners. 

Ancestral Archeology is Nina Pixel’s AV project created together with visual artist Adrian Kriska. It poses questions such as: How does the soil of your home taste? What is the sound of your skin? Music and visuals of Ancestral Archeology are inspired by Slovak folklore and anthropology in connection to our narratives. Folklore without old narratives, queer and feminist forms incorporated into the new story of our identities.

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