Robert Henke presents CBM 8032 AV
( AV live )

Behold the beauty of old machines! Dub techno overlord (Monolake) and software innovator (Ableton Live) Robert Henke is one of the most influential figures in electronic music ever and he is returning to Lunchmeat after five years.

His new audiovisual piece CBM 8032 AV was born out of his lifelong fascination with computer technology – it’s made entirely using restored Commodore CBM 8032 computers that he used as a teenager. “This work is about the ambivalence between a contemporary aesthetic and the usage of a very limited technology from 40 years ago. Everything presented within the project could have been done already in the 1980s, but it needed the cultural backdrop of 2019 to come up with the artistic ideas driving it”, says Henke.

On stage there are five carefully restored Commodore CBM 8032 computers, running custom software developed by the artist and his team. These machines were never meant to be used for the creation of audiovisual art, and the results are slow, harsh, geometric, with low resolution and exclusively monochromatic green. Yet they radiate their very own groove and visual appeal.

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