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When, at the end of 2013, SOPHIE first accepted an invitation to the iconic Prague club Neone, hardly anyone would have guessed that she would become one of the most key personas of contemporary club music. At that time she only had two monstrous singles Bipp/Elle and Lemonade/Hard, but was already on her way to the top. In less than seven years, singer, producer and DJ SOPHIE Xeon is standing at the imaginary top of the club scene, and her influence is spread across the whole spectrum of contemporary pop music. Her futuristic version of dance music has absorbed elements of Asian pop, Eurodance, 90s electronics, but she is always stubbornly looking forward.

The influence of her hyperkinetic pop, which connects her with the aesthetics of PC Music, has already penetrated the mainstream itself. SOPHIE has collaborated with Madonna, Charli XCX or Vince Staples. For her fantastic 2018´s album Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, she received a nomination for the Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. She became the first openly transgender artist to receive this nomination. SOPHIE is waiting for other big things in the near future, Lunchmeat Festival is proud to welcome her again in Prague.

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