Tittingur & bdy
( AV live )
( World premiere )

These artists were announced but they are not able to join us this year for obvious reason.

The sound of the end of the world. The noise-techno duo of Tittingur (Matúš Mordavský and Dominik Suchý) makes music for the end of the times. Raw, uncompromising, and desolate. Distorted synths, mutated electric guitars, and chaotic beats form together with a disturbing but energetic collage. Tittingur started six years ago, but transformed into the current state only recently – their 2019’s debut album Lavina created quite a buzz and was shortlisted for Slovak Radio_head Awards. In this year’s Epiphany, Tittingur’s sound becomes yet more abstract and explores the duality of nature and technology, of inland human folklore and the trenches of deepest oceans.

Expect music in veins of Fuck Buttons, Amnesia Scanner, Ben Frost, or Tim Hecker. Future sound of Eastern Europe.

For this year’s Lunchmeat Festival Tittingur is joined by visual artist bdy (Daniel Kozlík) that works with light design. He has worked for many musicians, various theatre productions or contemporary dance performances, eg. Studio Alta, Tantehorse, Bohemian Cristal Instrument. Except for light his main tools are dense fog, strobelight, or laser. Tittingur and bdy promise intensive and imersive experience.

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