Toyota Vangelis
( live )

Humans and machines have to be friends! Singer-songwriter Toyota Vangelis (Václav Peloušek) is using his uniquely autotuned voice and seamless merging of the electronic and (simulated) acoustic sounds to dismantle the binaries of the human and the machine. While always inventing new ways to interact with electronic music as lead designer at the synthesizer company, Bastl Instruments, he still manages to find elaborate ways to sculpt the Czech language into his rhythmic and melodic structures.

His songs revolve around metaphors of love, while also sneaking intimacy into topics such as big data, climate crisis or alienation. At this year´s Lunchmeat Festival Toyota Vangelis is going to present a brand new liveset and songs that started to take the form during the time-less Corona situation. Processed vocals and sequenced song structures are going to blend with open-end destructive semi-acoustic live-,looping improvisations.

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