Vū+PRVNTK & oxoo
( AV live )
( World premiere )

Vince Gagliardi (a.k.a. Vū) is a 3D artist and music producer. He is the founder of the label “Vumantra Records”, artistic director of the collective “Modern Bön”, and performing for the second time at Lunchmeat 2019 after his A\V premiere as The Nent. Some of Vū’s tracks have already been released also on the Pact Infernal’s label “Altar”, Borders of Known (GE) and Dark Alchemy (UK).

Francesco Provenzano, (a.k.a. PRVNTK), is a BMG music publishing songwriter and composer, as well as an artist and performer. He collaborated, as a producer, with Berlin studios such as Mesanic/Bewake studios, and shared the same stage with artists like Black Tiger Sex Machine. His debut album “Primitive Echoes” had a good response in the underground EDM scene.

Vū+PRVNTK is performing with visual artist and performer oxoo. oxoo (Lukáš Dřevjaný) is a member of Lunchmeat Studio collective. He works with light and video in a variety of different contexts – as a live performance medium, interactive instrument, scenic atmospheric tool or interior aesthetic object.

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